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Main » 2010 » October » 26 » Five Types Of Friend That One Needs.
11:40 AM
Five Types Of Friend That One Needs.

Interesting topic discussed by Associate Prof Dr. Azahari Ismail of UPM which I think worth sharing here. These five types of friend are actually derived from the main topic discussed at February 5th 2010
regarding ‘Self development As a strategy of Human Resources Development”, and among several elements to instill self development attitude within individual is through network expansion through multiple and variable friendship and networks. This is how the types of friend becomes related to self development As a strategy of HRD.

Just decor picture.

So the five types of friend that one should have in order to develop his/her self development are listed as:
  1. Spy – One needs a kind of friends who have every information at their fingertip, means that this type of friends have all kind of details, secrets (even a gossip) and etc so that a person can rely on them to get any information needed;
  2. Thinker – A person also need a kind of friends who encourage thinking at deep level and always make their friends wonder for any possible situation. This kind of friends will shape one’s personal cognitive ability and encourage creative thinking in their friend’s mind;
  3. Radio Station – This is a kind of friend that will do the good PR for his/her friend. The function of this friend actually to disperse any good information about his/her friend to others so that his/her friend can easily earn respect from community of networks;
  4. Workhorse – This kind of friend offers nothing to his/her friend except good and loyal service, with this kind of friends around, an individual can ask them to do whatever jobs, assignment and task and they are willingly perform that just for the sake of friendship; and
  5. Bouncer/Godfather‘ – In Malay we call it ‘Kaki Pukul’, this kind of friends actually have all the above four qualities which made them so reliable and much needed by their friends.

So in term of self development which later lead to leadership development, an individual must have all the five types of friends mentioned above surrounding him/her, So that he or she can emulate how these five types of friends inter-related with each other and and can give advantages for him/her.

-Source : Jazmanie.
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